Registration Information for 2022

Registration Chairman

Stephanie & Steve Dionne

When filling out the Dancer Registration Form, please fill-in
the boxes at the bottom right as to the level(s) you will dance
both square and rounds, it will help us to plan to have large enough
halls for the levels that are danced the most.
Thank you and we look forward to having you at the Hyannis
Convention in 2022.

The Hotel PH# 866-828-9111
The hotel is still short staffed due to the Pandemic. You may still call and either leave a message or request a reservation.  They are only open M-F 9 am to 5 pm. If calling before or after those hours you can leave a message or ask for a call back. The preferred method is online at this point. Always double check your reservation as we get closer to convention.
This is the method to reserve online:
2.    Check Availability/Book Online 
3.    Group Code:  NESRD22 
4.    Search for Availability 
Reminder they take 1 night deposit to hold your room.  $145 plus tax.

If staying at Best Western Hotel Call  508-771-4804 after May 10th, 2021, during normal business hours & ask for the New England Square Dance group rate.


Check for Registration form.