Dance Program

Attention: Advanced and Challenge Dancers, We will have 3 Full Time Halls at this convention!! See The Flyer .

Attention: Round Dancers, Rounds will be cued thru level 5

Matthew McGovern will be scheduling callers this year.
Margene Jervis  will be scheduling cuers this year.

Program Flyers and Information

Fast Track, Take No Prisoners & DBD Dancing

The New England Convention will offer exciting varieties of dance to race the heart of those with a challenging spirit.  Fast Track and Take No Prisoners by virtue of their names are called at an accelerated speed at designated dance levels.  It tests dancer recall, positioning and teamwork.  DBD or Dance By Definition finds dancers in various mixed arrangements where knowing the definition of the calls is mandatory.  Watch and enjoy, but “know your stuff” if you plan to dance. 

Intros to Plus, Advanced & C1

At all New England Conventions, callers offer Introductions to the “next dance level” dancers would aspire to learn.  It gives everyone a taste of what might be in store.  We encourage new dancers to that level (Plus, A1 or C1) as well as angels to attend.  We all could learn more or improve our dance skills by helping others.

Round Dancing

The Showcase of Rounds, a tradition at the New England Convention from 7:00-8:00 pm on Friday night, presents to the crowd the round dances that will be taught in the program by respective cuers for round dance teaches on Saturday.  Each of the phases are represented; it is a presentation that not only round dancers enjoy.  See what round dancing is all about.

Fun Dance Variations

Black Light Dancing is a unique take on traditional square dancing with a modern twist – black light and white gloves.  It was first danced in Biddeford, Maine in 2010.  Black Light is held on Friday night at the Mainstream Level and at Plus Level on Saturday night.  Check you schedules and synchronize your watches.  It’s a skill to call or dance in the semi-dark; outfits take on a pretty glow in black light and the white gloves turn full grown adults into 10 year olds.

Hexagon Dancing is also fun and relatively new at New England Conventions.  It is danced with 6 couples rather than 4 and has its own challenges and rewards.

Contra Dancing has a long history.  Enjoy the Contra session on Saturday morning 10:00 am – Noon.  Two of our most experienced Contra callers are presenting this program.

Still Alive After 5, Trail In – Trail Out, Sunrise Dance

“Still Alive After 5” is the award presented to dancers who make the effort to participate in the 5 “extra” events aside from the regular dance schedule (Trail In Dance, Friday and Saturday After Parties, Saturday Sunrise Dance and the SDFNE Trail Out Dance).  EDSARDA will have a representative at each event to stamp your event sheet or in some way record your presence at the activity.  Your attendance at 3 or more events will garner the participant a badge, dangle or possibly a $25 cash prize.  Check it out!

Trail In takes place for those early-comers on Thursday night from 8:00 – 10:30 pm just to get warmed up and in the dance spirit.  Convention Committee Callers and Cuers set the stage for the weekend..

Trail Out is presented by the Square Dance Foundation of New England on Sunday morning from 9:30 am to Noon.  Sheila Moody, SDFNE President will welcome one and all as Foundation member callers & cuers entertain with the final dancing of the weekend.

After Parties

Two After Parties are offered at the New England Convention.  They take place following the regularly scheduled dance program from 11:00 pm to the point of exhaustion or 12:30 am, whichever occurs first.  The Friday night After Party is sponsored by EDSARDA, Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association (the dancers’ organization).  Saturday night Like Friday night, begins at 11:00 pm till 12:30 am.  After Parties usually muster high energy and a gang with the most stamina and spirit.  An opinionated dancer might say this is some of the best dancing of the convention.